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Google (Glasses) API ABAP client

28/5 2014

When developing Glassware, you have two API options that you can use separately or together: based on the design patterns that Google provides here, you can choose "The Glass Development Kit", "The Mirror API" or both together (Hybrid Glassware).

The Google Mirror API allows you to build web-based services that interact with Google Glass. It provides this functionality over a cloud-based API and does not require running code on Glass.

Google recommends that you use the official client libraries to develop on the Mirror API but... did Google ever think about the integration between SAP and Google Glasses? It seems not because these client libraries are available only in .NET, Dart, Go, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, Php, Python, Ruby.

Are you a google glasses pioneer? Are you a technology explorer? Are you an expert and strong developer?
Please collaborate on the Google API ABAP client project.

The framework is already working and you can see a demo here

Google Glasses and SAP integration


28/05/2014 20:36:17 - Basar Ozgur Kahraman
i want to join the project.
29/05/2014 09:39:12 - Alessandro Iannacci
Hi Basar! I will send you details via email! Thank you!
04/06/2014 13:10:32 - Aashrith HG
Hi Alessandro, I would like to join if possible too
02/09/2014 12:54:46 - munmi gogoi
hi Mr Alessandro i am also interested to join this project .
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